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My Trip In Thai, Phuket On Yamaha Fz 07

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Hi to every one)
Just bought a new bike BMW s1000rr 2016, and my bikes-life revived again soon there will be a lot of good video of it. And buy the moment i have some video trip on Yamaha FZ 07, to Thailand, Phuket, summer 2016.

Maybe it will be little bit boring, who give a f*ck, on bike, summer and the road you can watch forever

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Hi Alex!

Very nice movie and very interesting trip!

Hope you can show us something more from your traveling!

BTW - the most important thing on our forum is introduction - you should go to "POWITALNIA" first and introduce yourself shortly - just - where you from, what's your name (and age if you want) and what kind of motorbike you used to ride - just few words, but its's very important to do it (Admin doesn't like members who didn't do that!)



Lancet (aka Aleksander :biggrin: )

Edytowano przez Lancet (zobacz historię edycji)

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